News & Updates|| New enhancements in E-Way bill generation form to be rolled-out from October 1, 2018|| CBIC issues guidelines for deduction and deposit of TDS by DDO under GST
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TDS Return filings

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File TDS Returns

  • Prepare regular & correction e-TDS statements online
  • Easily generate FVU file for Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q (NRI) & 27EQ (TCS)
  • Prepare, merge and email Form 16 Part A, Part B and Form 16A all in a single click
  • TRACES Integration – Auto-import any file for previous TDS returns (Conso, CSI, Form 16 Part A & B)

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ClearTDS TDS Filing Software Compared to NSDL RPU Utility

  • An online TDS software that requires no download or desktop installation or software update
  • Bulk PAN verification for all deductees in a deductors’ TDS return
  • Find all deductor information in the same dashboard with a centralised TDS software
  • Allow multiple CAs to work on the same deductor at the same time
  • Built-in Early Warning System that detects potential TDS notices that you may receive from TRACES
  • Online FVU generation and submission through the same TDS software
  • Save your money by finding and using all unconsumed challans from the past 2 years
  • Compatible with TDS returns of previous financial years for easy import

TDS Software Built In with a Powerful Reporting Dashboard

  • TDS software that alerts you about unconsumed challans that can be used to pay current TDS returns
  • Dashboard that alerts you about late TDS payments and or allowed short deductions on TDS returns

Auto Generate and Merge Form 16s Online

  • No separate TDS software download required to prepare Form 16s online
  • Generate Form 16 Part A and B online & email the Form 16s to the deductor from the same dashboard

Verify and Validate PAN in Bulk through TRACES Integration

  • Easily identify mistakes in payroll by matching PAN in your records with the TRACES database
  • Check validity of all vendor and Form 26Q PANs in one shot

Early Warning System to Never Receive Another TRACES Notice

  • TDS Software with built-in artificial intelligence that helps identify late deductions in TDS Returns
  • Also helps you avoid clerical errors while preparing 24Q TDS Return with PAN validation